Román R., Kaptay Gy., H. Verelst, F. Rivet, A. Buekens: Removal of Heavy Metals from Fly Ash with Molten Chlorides

Fly ash is a side product of municipal solid waste incinerators. The main components of fly ash are oxides of Ca, Si and Al. This is enriched with a lot of heavy metals (such as Zn and Pb) mainly in form of oxides. The goal is to develop a treatment method, which would reduce the content of heavy metals in the fly ash near to the average Earth’s crust concentration. The idea is to use molten chlorides as reagents in order to detoxify the fly ash. The principle of the process is to volatilise the heavy metals as chlorides.

 János Lendvai 
- Metastabil alloys

Technical traning and research on universities of the world  This paper presents the new educational structure developed by the recently appointed management of the Faculty of Metallurgical Engineering of the University of Miskolc for the branch of metallurgical engineering. A 2-level specialization is described, introduced both to the branch of metallurgical engineering and branch of materials engineering. Starting in September 1999, the students-metallurgists will be specialized in:
1. one of the sub-branches of industrial importance, such as Metallurgy, Foundry or Metal-forming,
2. one of the specialties of complementary importance, such as Materials Information, Automation, Energy Management, Waste Management, Marketing, Environment Protection, or Quality Management.
Gy. Czél-M. Baán-D. Janovszky: New Developed Scratch Tester to Examine Mechanical Strength of Coatings on Metallic Substrate

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Horváth Gábor-Pataki Béla-Strausz György-Polkovnyikov Anatolij-Lukácsi István-Máriás József: Modeling of an LD converter

Abstracts of the 2nd Conference of Material Science, Examination of Materials and Materialinformatics (okt.1999)

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