Dr. Jánosfy Gyula



CURRICULUM VITAE (as of March 2000)

Name: Gyula Jánosfy Nationality: Hungarian

Date of birth: 4 February, 1967 Place of birth: Miskolc, Hungary

Education: 1986-1991 University of Miskolc/Faculty of Metallurgy

1995-2000 University of Miskolc/Economics major

Degrees: 1991: MSc in Metallurgical Engineeing

  • 1998: PhD in Metallurgy of Steels
  • Languages : Hungarian (mother tongue), German (1994 intermediate level),

  • English (1993 intermediate level, 1995 advanced level)
  • Posts/Experience:

    1991-1993: Diósgyőr Steel Works, Department of Technology and Development

    1994-1995: PhD actiticity, large scale investigations at Dunaferr Steelworks Ltd.

    1996:Project Management in a Magnesium Plant construction work in Israel

    1997-1998: Industrial Research activity for Dunaferr Co.

    1998- Member of LIMOS (Liquid Metals and Molten Salts) Research Group, MU,

    1999- Assistant Professor with the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy at MU

    Management experience:

    1966: Project Manager on a Magnesium Plant consruction site

    2000- Head of an FKFP project at MU

    Prizes received

    Medal for Best 25% at Faculty of Metallurgy 1990

    prize of Foundation "for development of Hungarian Engineering", 1991

    Research interest:

    2. Macromodeling of both primary and secondary steelmaking processes. Slag retention, slag/metal, metal/air reactions. Denitrogenization, deoxidation and desulfurisation processes, vacuum treatment.
    4. Development of large scale investigation related databanks, Data processing and evaluation. Phase equilibrium in Fe based Al,B and N containing systems. Solubility of gases in iron melts
    6. Expert systems to support practical steelmaking procedures

    Publications : 15 papers in journals and conference proceedings,

    >15 contributions on international conferences

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